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Integrate ServiceNow with jQuery

Integrating ServiceNow and jQuery can be very intimidating. This post will go through the process of creating a ServiceNow page that integrates with jQuery and the jQuery UI libraries.  The ServiceNow page will be displayed through a GlideDialogWindow for a very clean and integrated effect … Continue reading

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Installing Server 2008 R2 on a PowerEdge 2850

Intro : I bought some old PowerEdge 2850s in order to setup a test/learning environment. My frustration of installing server 2008 R2 on these machines led me down different paths such as Dell SUU (which was another set of frustration with the 2850). Here is the … Continue reading

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VSphere PowerCLI : Changing the Network Name for multiple Virtual Machines

Below is a tutorial video showing how to change multiple network names for virtual machines inside Vsphere. The Powershell/PowerCLI command used in the video is : Import-CSV C:\name.csv | ForEach-object { Set-NetworkAdapter -NetworkAdapter ( Get-NetworkAdapter $ ) -NetworkName “Virtual Desktop Network” -confirm:$false} View in Full Screen for best … Continue reading

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PowerShell : Set-ADUser and changing the login script

The Set-ADUser is a very powerful cmdlet that allows for changing a users attributes in Active Directory. In this article, the Set-ADUser will be used to demonstrate how to change the logon script portion of a Users account in Active Directory. First, … Continue reading

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Create New DHCP Options in Server 2008

The following tutorial will show how to create new DHCP options on a Windows 2008 R2 server running DHCP services. For this example, the following options will be configured for a WyseC10LE thin client. Option 161 – Wyse FTP Server … Continue reading

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The directory name is invalid folder redirection event id 107

Preface : During the transition between a File Server running Windows Server 2003 to Server 2008 R2, we experienced problems with the Folder Redirection GPO not configuring correctly. The department remapped the SAN to the new Server 2008 environment and updated the GPO’s; but … Continue reading

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VISE Unattended / Silent Install demonstrated with “Imagine It” software

The VISE installer has the ability to perform silent installs. This demo will be using “Imagine It“; educational software for elementary students made by McGraw Hill. This demonstration is a walk-through of the information found in the VISE manual. The documentation does have a switch for … Continue reading

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SCCM 2007 – Can’t Extend AD Schema

During the install for SCCM, the situation may exist where the AD Schema will not extend. The log file found at “C:\extadsch.log” may have the following. Modifying Active Directory Schema – with SMS extensions. DS Root:CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=DOMAIN,DC=dom Failed to create attribute cn=MS-SMS-Site-Code. … Continue reading

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Ncomputing X550 / X350 integration with VmWare View

Situation : To have Ncomputing stations connect to a VmWare View virtual desktop. Technical Challenges : The major challenge is that the VmWare View software will only allow one instance of the program to run. There are ways around this to support the Ncomputing terminals, but they … Continue reading

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2 Million Minutes DVD – Review

In the 4 years it takes to complete High School, there are a little over 2 Million Minutes (This is the total time.. i.e. sleeping, eating, commuting, school, etc.) The movie is focused on how this time is spent, and compares U.S. students … Continue reading

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