Create New DHCP Options in Server 2008

The following tutorial will show how to create new DHCP options on a Windows 2008 R2 server running DHCP services. For this example, the following options will be configured for a WyseC10LE thin client.

  • Option 161 – Wyse FTP Server List
  • Option 186 – Wyse Device Manager Server

Step 1 : Open up DHCP, right click on IPv4 and select “Set Predefined Options”

DHCP  Set predefined options


Step 2: Click on Add

DHCP add options






Step 3 : Enter the information needed, screen shots of option 161 and option 186 are below.

Option 161

Option 161






Option 186

Option 186






Conclusion : After the scopes are created, values can be assigned at a global level, or for each scope. Please ask questions in the comments below.

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