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Running “Ping.exe” inside Excel through VBA

During this video tutorial, I will demonstrate how to run ping commands inside Excel. This can be used for many dos commands. This worksheet was originally written to do a nslookup on values; however, for this video it was quickly … Continue reading

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Extracting Java MSI

Intro : This example will demonstrate how to extract the Java MSI for Version 6 update 25. The MSI can be used for network deployment in an Active Directory environment through a GPO. The msi will need to be placed in a … Continue reading

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Disabling Flash Update Notification through VbScript

Introduction : The AutoUpdate Notification for Adobe Flash can only be disabled by creating a UTF-8 encoded text file named mms.cfg in the appropriate folder. In this post, we will go through the steps of creating the mms.cfg file, creating a VbScript … Continue reading

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