Extracting Java MSI

Intro : This example will demonstrate how to extract the Java MSI for Version 6 update 25. The MSI can be used for network deployment in an Active Directory environment through a GPO. The msi will need to be placed in a network share, along with other files that are extracted from the Java exe install file.

1. Download the stand alone (aka offline) Java install file.

2. Install Java on your PC.

3. Once the installation is complete, open up My Computer and type “%appdata%” into the address bar.

4. Depending on your operating system, the browser window may take you to “%appdata%/Roaming” . Navigate one folder up, and in there will be a folder “LocalLow”.

5. Navigate to “%AppData%\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_25” Inside this folder will be all the files necessary to deploy Java. Copy all these files to a network share, and create a GPO to deploy the software.

Summary : The hardest part of this process is getting to the “%appdata%/LocalLow” folder. Java has a similar tutorial on their website. Please ask questions in the comments below.

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